Plastic Packaging

Angel & Edge board

Engineered to provide extra strength for load stability and superior edge protection, ANGLE BOARD products are built to the industry's highest standards of quality and consistency, providing you with dependable protection along with load containment, stabilization and weight distribution.

  • Increases vertical strength for multi-pallet stacking to reduce transportation costs
  • Improves safety and prevents load from shifting in transit
  • Avoids costly damage to products during transportation and storage
  • Allows for bulky products to be easily unitized improving productivity by reducing pallet packing and unpacking time

  • Our product is available in range in range from 40 to100 mm and thickness from 3mm to 7mm. Length will be available as per requirement
  • Water proofing can be provided as per requirement.
  • The compression strength is around 150 kg. Vertically and 30-35 kg. Horizontally in the height of 1ft. And giving wooden strength.
  • The adhesive, which we are using, is low moisture absorbing and food grade.
  • Our product is more economical comparing with wooden product.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Providing exceptional strength (stacking compression)
  • Our product is 100% re-cyclable, Un-Crushable and Uncrackable.
  • Protedge can be printed to requirements, or have special characteristics to suit end-user requirements.