PVC Curtains - Protection from Birds, Dust & Insects

We offer a range of PVC / Plastic strip curtains to companies Our PVC Strip Curtains are custom made to fit your internal and external doorways. Various thickness of PVC is available that can offer different degrees of visibility.

Our PVC strip curtains also protect your work environment from the outside elements and importantly can stop unwanted pests and insects infiltrating your premises.

PVC strip curtain solutions in factories, warehouses and cold rooms.

They are ideal for :

  • Automobile Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Food/ Meat processing unit
  • Cold storage, ice-cream units
  • Hotels
  • Textile Mills
  • Pharmaceuticals
Features & Advantages :

  • Energy conservation
  • Improve working environment
  • Increased efficiency on the shop floor
  • Rounded edges to avoid injury to pedestrians
  • Unlimited access by vehicles and pedestrians
  • Prevent birds, flies etc to enter in the working premises
  • Maintenance free occasional wash required with plain water
  • Effective reduction of heat, cold & humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission