We manufactures a wide range of high-quality BOPP (bioxially oriented polypropylene) tapes. Our self-adhesive tapes are used by hundreds of leading Indian companies for a variety of packaging applications.

Our BOPP tapes, manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, are strong, have superb adhesion and can withstand extremes of temperature and pressure. They have been designed to provide complete protection to packages during transit and handling. They are ideal for use in automatic packing machines.

Power band's BOPP tapes are tamper-proof and are available in a variety of colours, thickness, roll lengths and roll widths (see specifications). We also manufacture custom-printed or signature tapes that can be printed with your company's logo or product name. This not only prevents tampering, it also provides companies a branding opportunity .

BOPP Tape Specifications

  • Base Material : Bioxally Oriented Polypropelene (BOPP) Film
  • Adhesive : Acrylic based
  • Thickness : 25 microns and 30 microns
  • Coating : 23 gsm, 28 gsm
  • Roll Length : 45 mt, 65 mt and 650 mt
  • Roll width : 12mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm, 72mm & 96mm
  • Colours : Brown, Transparent, Milky, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
  • Elongation : 100%
  • Adhesion to steel : More than 250 gm / cm or 625 gm / 2.5 cm
  • Rolling back tack : Less than 7.5 cm
  • Sheer Strength : More than 75 minutes
  • Adhesion to Self : Less than 90 gm / cm
  • Anchorage : Less than 15%
  • Printability : Up to 3 colors as per specifications

Advantages of BOPP Tapes :

  • Superb tack and adhesion to surface
  • Strong grip due to excellent adhesive backing
  • Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality
  • Uniform coating process
  • Assured and marked tape length
  • Durable. Long shelf life.
  • Peak performance even under extreme pressure and temperature conditions